What is Tantra?

Dada Vedaprajinananda gives an explanation of this often-misunderstood term.  He bases his talk on the works of Shrii Shrii Anandamurti who said that tantra is the fundamental underlying  method  that can be found wherever spirituality is practiced.

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  1. Hello Dada,

    Namaskar! Good day, my sanskrit name is Liila Krisha and my acharya is Dada Mantranananda of Davao Training Center Philippines. Thank you so much for starting an online audio podcast. 🙂 It was really hard to find Ananda Marga Philosophy online, I was trying to find an audio book about the books of Baba but did not find any. Because of my busy lifestyle, I can hardly find time to read books so I was looking for any audio recordings to fill my day with inspiration and further enrich my spirituality. I noticed that this site is very new, only one post. I was wondering if I could do anything to help make this website beautiful? I am working as a website administrator and I could certainly do a lot of beautification on this site if you want me to… Also, do you think it is good to start an audio book (just selections) about the books of Baba? It would be really nice to let people hear about the works of the guru…

    I look forward to hearing more podcast… Thanks again Dada… Looking forward to hearing from you…

    Liila Krshna.

  2. Very well done.
    I shall use it as a base for my meditation classes.

    ( Just one small incident: the voice recording was – at least for what I received –
    not loud enough. Please increase the volume a little bit.

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