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  1. Namaskar Dada!

    😀 I’m a faithful flower of the Dharmacast, I’m always looking forward for the next podcasts each time I wish they were a bit longer…
    I was thinking about therapy and people who seek psychologist to help them solve their pending issues…
    I asked my self does it really help to over come those so called blockages ( samskara) ?
    can they find their answer in Yoga ?
    do you know of some Sadhakas who see therapist ?
    I argued about this with a friend and she told me that I have a process and others have another process, so the question is does meditation work only for some and for others it does not?

    thank you Dada, I’m wating eagerly for the next podcast!

  2. Thank you so much Dada. Your Google podcast on how to stay inspired on the spiritual path really helped me….I had never felt so hopeless and depleted ever….Thank you for bringing my Sadhana back to life. I am ever grateful. Namaskar 🙏

  3. Hello Dadaveda,
    Your Dharma podcast is interesting but doesn’t answer my current questions. In many writings and academic teachings the term Dharma is associated with religion. Should Yoga in its spiritual dimension and its worship practices be considered a religion? Religion is defined by beliefs and is therefore dogmatic. Scientists don’t explain what consciousness is, so how do you explain supreme consciousness? What are the dogmas and doctrines that support Spiritual Yoga? Do you have any answer to the dogma of belief in self liberation by having faith in yoga masters? How to explain that nowadays spirituality or ideology of yoga becomes dogma? How much dogma is “just right” for yoga/spirituality? Can you comment in depth please? Respectfully, Nathan

    • Dharma is not religion. It is the innate characteristic of any object. So what is the innate characteristic of humans? According to yogis, it is the thirst for limitlessness, for God. Study the book Ananda Sutram by Shrii Shrii Anandamurti and you will find the ideas that support this, and indeed all of spiritual yoga.

  4. Namaskar Dada!

    My name is Siddheshvar, from Brasil, living in Europe atm.

    Thank you so much for this podcast. I really like it and it is really motivational.

    Dada, as you often ask for us listener to give you suggestions, I’d love to heard series of podcast about neo-humanim, PROUT and Ananda Marga philosophy, something like a online course about that.

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