The Social Cycle: A New Interpretation of History

This is a lecture (originally delivered as a webinar) on a theory of history developed by Indian philosopher PR Sarkar. The main idea is that each era of history is dominated by a particular mentality embodied by a ruling class. There is a rotation of these classes in history, and the ups and downs of this cycle can be corrected by the emergence of spiritual revolutionaries, known as Sadvipras.

This presentation is based on Human Society Part 2 by PR Sarkar.

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  1. Thanks very much Dada, I’m happy to be able to attend, as I am not able to go to Dharma Chakra and other AM meetings. So nice to hear your voice. I think it is very positive that Ananda Marga is GIVING spiritual courses for free, it is very good and many other groups taking money for courses when they have much less knowledge. So be proud of what we have as PROUT and Ananda Marga!


    Sujata (From Deventer)
    MS-patient advocate

  2. namaskar! спасибо,дада. Очень полезно и своевременно….Россия- Дальний Восток.

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