The Ten Characteristics of Dharma

We are looking at the ten characteristics of dharma, or to put it another way the ten characteristics of people following a dharmic or spiritual life. It is based on a Sanskrit couplet: Dhrti-kśamá-damoʼsteyaḿ-shaocamendriyanigrahah, Dhiirvidyásatyamakrodho dashakaḿ dharmalakśańam And the ten characteristics are as follows:

1. Dhriti – patience
2. Ks’ama – forgiveness
3. Damah – self-control
4. Asteya – non-stealing
5. Shaoca – internal and external cleanliness
6. Indiya Nigraha – control of motor and sensory organs
7. Dhii – benevolent intellect
8. Vidya’ – spiritual knowledge
9. Satyam – absolute truth
10. Akrodha – non-anger

This talk is based on a discourse of Shrii Shrii Anandamurti “The Ten Characteristics of Dharma” Published in: Ánanda Vacanámrtam Part 8 Dada Veda can be contacted through this website: #yogapodcast #anandamarga #anandamurti #spiritualpodcasts #dharma